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Wedding Wednesday - It's All About The Shoes

If you're anything like me, you LOVE shoes and love any excuse to get new shoes. When we started our wedding planning process I started searching for the perfect dress, I realized just like choosing daily outfits the shoes and accessories are just as important as what you wear. I wanted to think about what kind of shoes I saw myself wearing ahead of time. Not only what helped describe me as a person but what would help me feel great and help boost my confidence at my bridal shower and throughout our entire wedding day. I knew for sure I wanted a cute pair of shoes for my bridal shower and I knew I needed 2 pairs for my wedding day. The reason for 2 pairs of shoes on my wedding day was so I could have a pair of heels and a pair of flats in case my feet start hurting throughout the night. I've been obsessed with Blue by Betsey Johnson. Her collection of bridal shoes are so cute with the blue soles and the beautiful silver hearts on the bottom makes for the perfect details. Continue Reading for my 7 Tips on how to choose the perfect pair of bridal shoes and to find all my inspiration and links to tons of gorgeous bridal shoe options below. Hope this helps you and gives you some inspiration!

Here are my 7 tips for choosing the perfect bridal shoes

1) What are you more comfortable in

Are you more comfortable wearing flats or heels? If you like to wear heels establish what height you would feel more comfortable in. As short as kitten heels or as tall as stilettos. You might fall in love with super tall heels but normally wear flats, consider this fact. After all you have to wear them and be comfortable in them all day. Walking down the aisle in them, taking photos in them, dancing in them. Be true to you and don't decide to change your mind just for your wedding day.

2) Figure out your color

Choose what color shoe your looking for. Do you want to go with a pretty blue hue so it can be your something blue, or do you want to match the colors of your wedding? There are so many options out there so deciding a color will help tremendously help refine your inline search.

3) Have a back up pair of shoes

If you decide to buy a pair of flats to switch into during the night or if you are getting married not in the summer months (even in Oregon you can get rain at any time during the summer, there is no guarantee around here) Make sure to have a backup pair of shoes or even boots to wear to and from your venue so your shoes are in pristine condition.

4) Take Measurements

Take measurements of the shoes or make sure you purchase and receive your shoes before your first dress fitting. I'm short so I have to get alterations done frequently but the thing I always seem to forget are my shoes I'm planning on wearing with my outfit. When you start your dress fittings they will need to know your shoe height to alter your dress accordingly.

5) Wear your shoes before your wedding day

Don't wait till the day of your wedding to wear your shoes for the first time. You don't want them to be stiff our cause blisters. Wear them around the house a couple weeks prior to your wedding date to ensure they are broken in.

6) Practice walking in your shoes

This tip goes along with tip 3. Not only do you want to wear them in to ensure they are broken in and will be blister free but you want to get super comfortable walking in them. Especially if you are choosing a pair of shoes you don't normally wear the last thing you want is to be wobbling around all over the place. You want to feel comfortable and confident in the shoes you choose so make sure to practice wearing them before hand.

7) Don't forget a Pedi

We tend to concentrate more time on our hands and more often than not forget about our feet. Make sure at least 2-3 before you're moisturizing your whole body including hands and feet. Keeping exfoliated and moisturized all over will help prep your spray tan. Making sure you book a mani/pedi the day before will ensure everything is in tip top shape and when you show off those beautiful shoes you searched all over for they will look radiant rather than distracting the attention from your shoes to those chipped nails and dry heels that you neglected. We get so busy planning all the other details so just book those appointments in advance so you can't forget! Also it will totally help take a step back from the craziness and relax and enjoy living in the moment.

Below are some more bridal shoe ideas to help you find your perfect match.

The shoes I got for my bridal shower are these gorgeous floral print heels with blue soles

Shop These HERE:

The shoes I got for my ceremony are these beautiful pink pep toe heels with bows on the back and a detailed ankle strap. This darling pink color is in our wedding and i knew i wanted to incorporate it somehow. thought this would be the perfect girly touch to my outfit.

Shop These HERE:

I know, 2 pairs of shoes might sound a little overkill for a wedding day, but I'd rather be safe than sorry! that would be the worst to day you feet hurting part way through the evening so you can't enjoy every moment of the evening like you should. I wan't to be focusing on my husband and my loved ones, not about how i can't wait to take my shoes off.

These are the flats I got to change into for the reception incase my feet were to start hurting. They are also Blue by Betsey Johnson and have the blue soles. Shop These HERE:

Below are some other beautiful bridal shoes to get you inspired for your big day

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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