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1 Year Wedding Anniversary!

In celebration of our 1 year wedding anniversary today, I wanted to post some photos and our full wedding video that we haven't shown on social media yet! I can't believe wed never posted it.

Time flies by way too fast and next thing you know it's already been a year!

To say that so much has happened during our first year of marriage would be an understatement. We were engaged for a year and a half planning for the wedding of of dreams. We planned to get married at a place that held so much meaning to us. It was at this beautiful lake and campground, the place where Ryan asked me to marry him. This place first came to mind and we thought it would just be perfect. The hard part was there was no cell service, no electricity, it was not set up to be a wedding venue what so ever. Basically all they had were beautiful cabins for us to sleep in (which had water and electricity), a big gazebo where we held the reception, a beautiful stone outdoor fireplace where we held the ceremony and a big, gorgeous cabin as a bridal sweet for me and my girls to get ready in. My imagination always runs wild and once I have a vision, I have my heart set to creating it (from scratch if I need to) and making my dreams become a reality. Once we booked the venue we literally drove up there as many times as we needed to. Rain, snow or shine and I started to sketch the grounds and measure every inch of the grounds that we had to work with. We brought in generators for power, chandeliers, tons of candles and beautiful antique furniture to bring a chic vibe into the middle of the forrest. At the same time my husband rebuilt a 1970 VW bus to drive as our getaway car. Yes we go a little crazy. Most people many not want to dedicate this much time to their wedding but I wouldn't change it for anything, I was able to make my all-time dream wedding become my reality. Thanks to my mom and dad for dedicating so much time to helping make this all come to life. My mom helped plan the most of the big detail while my dad custom made all of our signs and bridal party gifts for our wedding. Thank you to my amazing Husband for being so supportive and staying up countless late nights to make sure everything ran smoothly. Thank you to his parents for everything they contributed and to our amazing friends who don't totally understand my crazy imagination but always trust in my vision. Everyone helped in any way possible to make it all come together. Everything turned out perfect and I'm so thankful to everyone that stepped in to lend a hand wherever they could. We also had the most amazing vendors who were so much fun and added so much positive, fun loving energy to our wedding.

After our wedding just a couple of weeks we went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. (Thanks to my mom and step-dad for totally setting us up!) We had so much fun just relaxing and enjoying married life. After being home for just a few weeks we had the amazing news of finding out we created a honeymoon baby and that we were going to meet our baby girl sometime the end of March 2018! She was born April 1 2018 and is now almost 3 months old during our 1 year anniversary. Yes, you could say we don't waist any time at all! LOL. Time sure flies by and it's so crazy to think this time last year we were just about to say our vows to each-other and have one of the best days of our life that we will remember for a lifetime. Now 1 year later we have the most beautiful baby girl, growing our family from just the 3 of us (including our pup) to now the 4 of us. Our marriage and relationship has grown so much and it's so incredible to look back and see all of what life has in store in just a short amount of time. This year has truly been one of the greatest and I can't wait to see what our future has in store for us!

Keep scrolling down to see some of our wedding photos and don't miss our full wedding video at the end of this post!


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