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Exactly 5 Months Away & Free Wedding Planning Timeline PDF Printable

Exactly 5 Months till we say I DO and a FREE Wedding Planning Timeline PDF Printable , Just for YOU! XO

I can't believe today marks exactly 5 months until we get married!!! I really can't believe it! It seems like just the other day we got engaged at the place where we will soon be getting married. It seem like just the other day we set our date for A YEAR AND A HALF AWAY! Holy Crap!

I keep thinking I have all the time in the world ahead of me and when I keep looking at our to do list our wedding date keeps creeping up on us. We are the type of couple that always has something going on weather it be a project, trip, or event, if feels like there is hardly any down time. The project currently is building our own build in cabinet storage underneath the stairs in our house, not a small project.

Honestly the only thing that keeps me organized and on track is having a monthly check off list that I keep in my wedding planner and with me at all times. Having this tool helps so I don't feel overwhelmed and helps to make sure everything is getting done in a timely manner so when a week before our wedding arrives I'm not running around like a crazy person and I can really try to relax and be in the present moment. Time is passing by so fast and before we know it the day will come and go.

I'm so excited to marry my best friend, I couldn't imagine anyone else I'd rather spend the rest of my life with. I'm so excited to start our family, traditions and more wonderful memories to last us a lifetime.

With that being said I wanted to share my printable with you so click the image below to download.

Hope this printout helps you out and happy wedding planning!!!

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