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Wedding Wednesday - DIY Save the Dates & Ideas

Kate Spade Wedding Planner Here

First off Let me address this gorgeous photo. Once people started receiving their save the dates, we got tons of questions about where this photo was taken at. It was taken on a glacier in Squamish, BC. We did a helicopter tour up to the Jim Haberl Hut. We went through Blackcomb Aviations Here. It was really such a fun experience and I never would have done our engagement photos any other way.

All right, so now to dive into the hard part of getting these babies ready and into the mailboxes of your loved ones. If you're interested in how we made these, keep on reading!

There are so many different options when it comes to Save The Date invites, especially now a days.

People are going away from the traditional route and creating anything from magnets, stickers, photo strips, or even cookies! We chose to go with a more traditional route. Just a picture we loved of us with my favorite font printed on an 11 x 17 card.

We chose to print them out at our local UPS store so I could use my own font on the invites. Then we cut them on a paper cutter at home. We bought self stick envelopes from Staples that the photos would fit in and we decided to print the address on the front of the envelopes ourselves. I really wanted to use the matching font from the save the date cards so I chose to just do it myself.

I imported all the addresses into Freehand and printed them out individually. There are tons of ways to print envelopes, just do a quick Google search! What's great about having all the addresses already into a computer program is that when we are ready to send out our invites, thank you notes, Christmas cards and anything else we ever want to send our friends and family, we have all of their address all ready to go!

We also bought a return address stamp from Etsy and super cute heart stamps from our local post office as well.

The complete total to all of this was

The font I used for the save the date and on the envelopes Here: $16.00

Image printed at UPS on poster paper : 1.40 per page and we printed 14 pages Total =$19.60

Envelopes Here: $ 9.99

Return address stamp Here: $28.95

Stamps: $26.00

Total $100.54

If you don't want to do any of the work and just want to send in a photo from your engagement photoshoot I recommend using

Here is a style that is really close to what we chose for our save the dates on HERE

The prices on range so much but for what we were looking for it would have been anywhere from $108 - $137. It depends obviously on how many cards you need. I love that you can add foil pressed lettering, you can change the silhouette shape and they have free recipient addressing. I think we will use them for our invites since we need to make an rsvp cards, registry cards and all the other extra goodies. For just having a standard save the date it was easier for us to just DIY it! <3

I hope this helps you out if you are getting ready to create your save the dates, or at least gives you some ideas of the different options out there! Good Luck and Congrats on your upcoming big day!

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