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Tips for Getting & Staying Organized in 2017

Hey guys! Happy 2017! Tis the season to start setting goals and getting organized for the New Year! If you want to read my tips to getting and STAYING organized in 2017, keep on reading! I hope you all are having an amazing start to your new year. Let's make it a great one!

1) Make a plan of attack.

Think about the good and the bad of your organization process right now. What works and what isn't working. Figure out how you can rework your system.

2) Write it out.

Write out a few short and long term goals. Something that you can set out to accomplish. If you make your goals too crazy you can get overwhelmed and will want to give up quicker. Make some goals you can accomplish by the end of the week, end of the month, and end of the year!

3) Create an affirmation

Create an affirmation, it could be anything you're working on or something you want to attract. Write it out on a piece of paper, put it somewhere where you will see and read it every single day.

4) Make your lists and check them twice.

When you write out a list make sure to go over them a few times during the day to make sure you haven't forgotten anything, needed to add something, or to make sure everything stays fresh in your mind.

5) Make time tonight to create a successful tomorrow.

Set some time aside each night to make new lists for the next day and prioritize them. Start out with the things you didn't get a chance to do the day before and add on from there.

6) Don't complicate things

Find and use one or maybe two resources to stay organized. If it's easier to have it all on your phone or computer and alert the rest of the family on an app thats great. Make sure you have everything set up through one program and link the whole family to it. The basic calendar app on apple is great for that. Maybe you're a pen and paper type. Having a personal planner you can take with you or a big calendar in the open so the whole family can see and add to it when things are going on works better. Make sure to choose one, when your trying to use too many resources it can get overwhelming quick. Keep it simple and use what works best for your lifestyle.

7) Organize a desk space or create a quiet area to think and get productive.

When you create a space that excites you and that makes you feel good you will be more likely to want to head to that area. I like to head to my area in the morning and go over my list while drinking coffee or tea and get a game plan to attack my day. Try to set aside some time in the morning to go over what you have planned for the day so it's fresh in your mind while drinking coffee or tea to get you energized and spend another 5-10 min after that to pray or meditate to clear your head and start the day out fresh.

Hope these tips to getting and staying organized in 2017

gave you some great ideas to implement in your own day to day life.

Remember do what will work best with your life and stick to it! If you hit a road block don't beat yourself up over it, just restart right then and keep on the path of the good habits you started.

No one is perfect and life is crazy sometimes. Just keep working on it and take it day by day!

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