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DIY Faux Floral Decor

Hey Guys!

Glad you're back for another fun post, today I'm bringing you a little DIY action!

Spring officially starts next week and I've already been sprucing up every room in our house trying to brighten everything up and make everything look fresh! I had envisioned some faux floral arrangements with planter stands like this for weeks and I just haven't found anything I really loved. I decided not to settle and take on a fun DIY project! I am totally obsessed with how these turned out and I'm so glad I decided to make my own! If you guys recreate this fun project don't forget to tag me over on instagram, I would love to see how you re-create this fun DIY project!

Hope this gives you some good inspiration and excitement for getting into the spring spirit! XoMicah

This is how I ended up styling them on our built ins!

To get started on this DIY project here are the items you will need to re-create this project.

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Step by Step

Once you have all of your supplies and you have cut your foam to down to the size of the flower pot you're using we can get started!

1) Start separating your greenery and flowers out into two piles, one for each bowl.I had one flower bowl that was slightly bigger than the other so I made sure to first separate the greenery and flowers out into two piles and then add a few extra of each into the pile I used for the bigger flower pot.

2) Once I had my piles separated, I started with the greenery and focused those pieces on the back and sides of my flower pot. With each stem I held it up to the flower pot to see how short I wanted to cut it.

3) Once I got a rough estimate I used the wire cutters to cut down the length and then pushed the stem down into the styrofoam as far down as it could go making sure it was at the right height. Sometimes it looked a little too long so I would pull it out and cut it a little shorter. When you do that though make sure to place that stem back in the hole you just created in the styrofoam so it can still hold it's shape and have enough room for the other flowers/greenery you're going to add.

4) Repeat these steps until you have used all your greenery and floral stems.

5) fluff out some of the flowers and greenery stems to make sure no holes are peeking through.

6) Depending on were you are wanting to put these you may need to trim some of the really tall pieces if your fitting this on a shelf like I am and have taller planters to begin with.

Voila you have yourself your very own, super cute faux flower decor additions! Just set these beauties up anywhere in your home and they will be a perfect addition to spring decor that will last a lifetime and NO MAINTENANCE! You can even put these in a bathroom or somewhere that doesn't get a lot of sunlight where really plants will have a hard time surviving. You get the same look of fresh flowers and will brighten up any space just as much but without having to remember to water them!

Happy (almost) Spring!



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