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Amazon Prime Day & Pool Day With Sophie!

We are so fortunate that my mom has a pool at her house!!! I love getting to see Sophie explore the water and kick around, she absolutely loves it! Today I'm going to share where I got her pink infant floatie for the pool, her fan that clips onto anything and where we get her pink shade tent. I will also share how i set up her docatot and toys in the tent. We have seriously come up with a great system to enjoy the pool (and this insane heat that is happening here in Oregon right now) all while still keeping Sophie in the shade. I've been getting a lot of questions to share where we got her whole setup that you've probably seen on my instastories so hopefully this will help if you are planning on having a infant in the middle of summer and don't want to be cooped up inside 24/7.

So to better explain what is all going on here, we first laid out the shade tent wherever we thought was a good spot. then we have a play mat for Sophie, it's a really awesome fold and go system so it's easy to take anywhere. The one we have has toys that hang above her that she can play with and a butter fly that tells shapes and colors in english, spanish and french, I love it! So after putting her toy together we place her doc a tot down (that's her favorite thing to take naps in) and we place a towel over it so if she just got out of the pool she doesn't soak the whole thing. After that we clip on her fan to the hanging toys above her (shown in the photo above) and bam! you have an awesome outdoor setup!

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