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My New Favorite Sport EVEN While Pregnant ft. Luxe Pickleball!

Over the years I've heard of Pickleball but just recently it really started becoming HUGE in our area! Naturally we had to give it a try and we have been LOVING it! I'm now into my 3rd trimester and it's still so much fun for me to play! It's a great type of exercise, not a ton of running around and my husband and I have been loving playing together!

After we played a couple times borrowing our friends paddles we decided to find some of our own. Of course I had to scour the internet on search for some cute paddles and I found the cutest brand ever called Luxe Pickle ball! They have really fun prints on their paddles and they have the cutest pink pickle balls! Their paddles sell out quickly so if you find some you love in stock you better grab them quick!

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