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Half Bathroom Update

This has been a little project update that we've been wanting to do for a long time, but also one of those rooms that is easy to look passed and put off finishing until a later date. It was slowly starting to drive me crazy lol so I started thinking up some ideas that would make for a quick and affordable update. I'm so happy with how it turned out and am SO glad it didn't take a lot of time or money to finish. I will share all of the details below and quick shopable links at the bottom of the page if you don't want to read through the full post.

Before & After

We used this paint on the walls, ceiling, and cabinet. It really brightens up the space and makes it feel so much bigger! It's always amazing to me what a good coat of white paint will to to a space, it's like magic!

Everything on this wall is from Amazon, Target, Michael's, Home Goods & Hobby Lobby! All super affordable, quick shipping, and easy to put together!

- Light fixture is from here and under $100 .

- Mirror is from here and under $100.

- Sink faucet is from here and come with a matching colored drain for inside the sink.

- Cabinet pulls are from here for the 5in size and here for the single hole size.

-Towel ring is from here.

-Towel is from here.

-Rug is from here.

-Flowers on the sink are from Home goods but these and these are similar ones.

-Hand soap we always use is from here.

-Bathroom spray we always have on hand is from here.

-Shelves we found here and both are the 16" x 4" x 6" size.

-Powder room sign is from here.

-Oil diffuser is from here.

-Faux plants are from hobby lobby but you can get a great similar option here.

- Decorative Sphere is from hobby lobby I found a similar option here.

Shop everything on this wall below

just by clicking the image you want to shop.

-Small acrylic frames 5"x 7"on the left wall are from here.

-Larger acrylic frames 8" x 10" on the right wall are from here.

-Toilet Paper Holder is from here.



Everything from this post that we used to make this half bathroom update

come to life by clicking the image you want to shop below!


I hope this gives you a little inspiration and motivation! I know these projects can seem really daunting and easy to put off but if you keep the design simple it's amazing how a little refresh and update can do to a space and I don't know about you but it makes me feel so much better walking into a space that makes me happy. I definitely have a different mood walking into this space than I had when I walked into our previous bathroom. It reminds me just how important it is to love our home and our surroundings and how important it is to create a home that you love!


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