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Play Space Makeover

Hey Guys!

It's been a little bit since I've shared home decor on my Instagram, so I decided to share this pic of our little play space makeover! I wanted it to have a more permanent space to live on here and also be able to link as much as I can for you here in case you wanted to create something similar in your home!

This area is in our formal living area that is pretty big and long so I feel like there aren't a ton of options that you can do with it. We had a huge couch/seating area but it NEVER got used. So we sold the couch and got ourselves a small love seat to create a smaller seating area that can pretty much just be for me or for Ry and me to sit and watch the kids play. Since we made the seating area smaller we had room to fit this great little play space area! Since Parker (our youngest/1yo) is getting older and playing with tons of toys too now, we definitely needed to find some more space in our house to organize their toys, and to make them easily accessible for the kids. I love that it's still aesthetically pleasing and has a lot of home decor elements so it blends into the living/entry area really well and it's not a total eyesore of toys and mess everywhere. We got this shelving unit from Ikea and I'm still debating if I should add mid-century/modern feet to it or not, I'm kind of loving the height that it's at right now so we'll see what we end up doing in the future!

Everything that I can link for the space I'll have linked below for you! I hope this gives you some great inspo for how to create a cute play space in an area in your home!

Ikea Items

-EKET Shelving cubes from Ikea HERE

-LURPASSA Small seagrass baskets HERE


-SMARRA Weaved Box with lid HERE

-BUSKBO Rattan plant stand HERE

-KNOPPÄNG Frames 8x10 & 16x20 HERE


Prints: Palm Tree Print HERE | Kissed by the sun print HERE

Everything Else I Could Find Linked Below


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