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DIY Spice Jar Labels

Hey Guys!

Today I'm going to share how I made these adorable spice jar labels on my Cricut machine. Skip down to the bottom for label download in Cricut design space.

We used to have the large spice jars from Ikea styled on our wall in the kitchen of our old home, once we moved and renovated our kitchen I wanted them to be in a drawer but still aesthetically pleasing. I found these really cute spice jars from The Container Store which I loved because of the white lids, white was surprisingly hard to find so I was o happy when I came across these! They match so well with our cabinets and look really pretty in the drawers. So of course the next thing to do was to find spice jar labels that were just as cute as these little jars. I searched all over the internet and the only ones that I liked were really large and didn't go down the side of the bottle they were just horizontal, made for jars being upright. After searching all over the place I just decided to make my own and I'm so glad I did because it was super easy, quick and they look better than I could've imagined! You can easily take this same template and just choose your favorite font and print that out too. It's a great template to start with and totally customize it or just print the exact same ones that we chose! I love when little details add to the space, it makes me so happy every time I open our spice drawer now!

Don't forget to tag me @Micah.Juliet if you make these, I can't wait to see how yours turn out!

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