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Pregnancy Update: Third Trimester

I can't believe we are already into the 3rd trimester! A part of me feels like this pregnancy has flown by and the other part f me feels like I've been pregnant forever! The emotions are no joke over here these days as you can tell! haha I've gotten a lot of questions now that we are getting closer to D-Day so I wanted to answer them all below and hopes this helps some of you, or just to hear all about our journey through the 4th trimester so far! Thanks for following our families journey through life, it's so fun to have you along on this crazy ride!

3rd Trimester Q & A

Q: When will you announce his name and have you picked one out yet?!

A: We picked a name! I never thought I could pick. a name before our baby was born. With Sophie we have two names picked out and we chose when she was born. This time around. we found a name we totally fell in love with and I can't see us finding another name we love more before he's born. We will announce it when we do his newborn post on insta so keep an eye out!

Q: How do you feel about delivering a baby during a global pandemic.

A: I've honestly been having a ton of anxiety about it. Especially since there are so many unknowns. I try not to over think it a ton because at the end of the day it is what it is and there is so much that is out of my control. I just need to focus on staying calm and relaxed and when the time comes just do my job which is focusing on getting this baby here safe and healthy! Everyone else can do when they need to do and I need to just focus on myself and what I can control! Carving out time to do things that help keep my mind off of the craziness in the world and keep calm is what I'm focusing on right now! I have little panic attacks every now and then when My anxiety starts to take over but right when I notice that happening I start really focusing on those things that help me. Baths with candles or oils diffusing, yoga and meditation, turning my phone off, reading a book, are all some of the things that help put my mind at ease.

Q: How will Covid19 Change your delivery at the hospital?

A: So far we are extremely fortunate not to have had any positive Covid cases in the labor and delivery units so far, and I'm just hoping that it stays that way. The biggest differences are that we may have to wear masks if I'm not able to test in advance, we can only have one person with us in the delivery room, and no visitors which I was so sad about because I was so excited to have photos of Sophie coming to visit her new brother in the room with us but I think it will all workout for the better. You're really not in the hospital for very long and it seems even more rushed when you have a ton of visitors coming by when all you want to do is rest and figure out new life with your new baby. This way you can just focus on your family and do what you need to do to take care of yourselves and your baby without worrying about anyone else.

Q: Do you have to get tested for Covid before delivering?

A: If I get induced I will get tested in advance and if He comes on his own I won't have a chance to get tested prior and will have to wear a mask which stresses me out! I can barely wear them for any length of time without getting claustrophobic so we shall see how this plays out!

Q: Where will Sophie stay when it's time to have your baby?

A: She will stay at my mom and step dads. It will be the first time she's staying overnight anywhere and I will miss her SOOOO much!

Q: Are you so done being pregnant?

A: Not at all! I honestly feel like I could be pregnant forever, might sound totally crazy but I just love it so much!

Q: How did your pregnancy with Sophie compare with this one?

A: This time around I feel like my body knew exactly what to do. I don't think I grew and quicker or got any bigger like some people say ( I showed early and was huge with Sophie also) but I remember feeling every little change when I was pregnant with Sophie. The second time around it went by so quickly and I just got bigger without feeling a ton of huge noticeable change in my body. The other huge difference is I was able to take sooo many naps and rest a ton when I was pregnant with Sophie. Now having a toddler to chase around there isn't a ton of time for rest. I try to take a bath each night and make time for movie/snuggle time with her and that's the best way I've found to relax.

Q: Do you have ligament pain on long walks?

A: I do have a ton of pain whenever I go for really long walks while pushing the stroller. I went on a super long and hilly walk with my mom and going up this big hill I seemed fine and then once I got to the flat part my back hurt SO BAD! I have to get into the chiropractor asap after that and have been taking it easy ever since. With Sophie I was able to get chiropractic treatments once a month during 1st trimester, twice a month during my 2nd trimester and then weekly during my 3rd trimester which I highly recommend it definitely helped me not have pain. With Covid I tried to limit my visits to a minimum and only go in when it was necessary, so that was kind of a bummer.

Q: Favorite Stretch Mark Cream?

A: I love to create my own little concoction mixing half oil and half body butter! Here are the products I use!

Q: Favorite nursing bra?

A: I'll link my favorites below! The three pack are really comfy, great for around the house or sleeping medium to low support feels like wearing a bralette. The single one is more structured so if you like more support and are used to wearing a bra but without the underwire that one is the way to go!

Q: Are you having a baby shower?

A: We ended up having a surprise drive by baby shower! It was so sweet and so much fun! I'm so glad we got to have a little celebration with everything going on still!

Q: Has your belly dropped?

A: Not yet! It just sticks straight out! people are always surprised when I turn around and they comment on how they had no idea I was pregnant until the see my giant belly when I turn around. I even had some one stop me on a walk to tell me how surprised they were, it was hilarious!

Q: Thoughts on Epidural?

A: Yes, Yes, and YES! I had an epidural with Sophie and my body reacted really well to it. I was still able to move around when I needed to and I could feel my legs still but I couldn't feel the pain so it was PERFECT! I know some people bodies work differently to it, legs feel totally numb and cant move at all, or can still feel too much, or it not working and the anesthesiologist having to come back etc. but everything worked well for me last time and hoping the same for this time around also!

Q: What are your pregnancy must haves?

A: These are all of the items I can't live without!

Q: What are you going to pack in your hospital bag?

A: My hospital bag checklist is linked in this post HERE. It even has a printable to check off so you don't miss a thing!

Q: Do you want more kids:

A: We want to see how 2 kids works out for us first of course! I can't imagine not ever being pregnant again and getting to bring a new little Shearer into the world so we will see but for now were just going to focus on taking care of two sweet kids!


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