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Hospital Bag: Baby #2

Hey There, Welcome Back!

I am so excited to finally bring you this updated hospital bag post, you guys have been asking for an updated post for a while now, so I'm so glad it's finally here! This is our second time around packing our hospital bags and I am SO THANKFUL that I created a post for when we had Sophie that included a full list because I was able to just look back this time around and make sure we had everything we needed and check everything off the list I already made. Such a lifesaver because I totally would've forgotten what we packed last time around even though it's only been a couple of years! I originally had compiled a list from the birthing classes we took before we had Sophie and a couple of lists from Pinterest to create my personalized list. I feel like we had such a great list and didn't feel like we brought too much and also didn't feel like there was anything I wish we had brought with us that we didn't.

The only thing that changes and can be hard to plan for is what you may need for different types of births. For instance, if you are going to have a natural birth you might want to bring a swimsuit if your hospital has a bath/shower that you want to get in while in labor, or different tools (yoga ball if your hospital doesn't have one, back massager/oils, etc.) to help alleviate pain. If you are planning to have an epidural you can't move from your bed so if you happen to be laboring during the day you might want games, a Computer/I Pad for games or movies, or something similar to help pass the time. With Sophie, I checked in at 11:30 pm, had an epidural and we slept through the night when we woke up it was time to push so it all depends on the situation and time of day. With Parker, it was the opposite and I labored through the day and it was nice to have things with us to help pass the time. I feel like if there is something you like that you want to bring with you just bring it, it's better to have what you love that will make you feel more comfortable, rather than wishing you had brought something you didn't.

The other difference for us this time around is not knowing how many days we will be in the hospital with COVID happening. They are encouraging people to not stay any longer than necessary and since we have a good history and this is the second baby they might want us to leave sooner than we did with Sophie. I am just going to error on the side of caution and bring exactly what was on my last list and if we end up having to leave early and we brought an extra day/night worth of things, that's okay with me.

** Update we ended up staying in the hospital the same amount of time as we did with Sophie so I'm glad we stuck with the list we had instead of packing less, thinking we wouldn't stay as long.


I've gotten SOOO many messages about giving birth during COVID so I just wanted to quickly touch on it. Let me tell you I was terrified and my anxiety was getting out of control with everything and all of the unknowns. SO if you're feeling the same just know you're not alone, but also try to keep things in perspective and you can't stress over things you can't control. Everything will happen the way it's supposed to happen to try not to worry too much! Some things that help me cope are bubble baths with spa music and a face mask, yoga/breathing techniques, unplugging from my phone/social media for a while, and going for walks or sitting in the sun soaking in all the fresh air. Honestly, with our birth experience and at the hospital we were at it was almost the same experience as when we had Sophie so I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it was going to be with everything going onI. The only difference is the mask requirements (we didn't have to wear them because I was tested in advance), not being able to have visitors, and Ry not being able to leave unless he wanted to get his temp checked every time he re-entered the building and run the risk of not being allowed back in once he left if he had a high temp (he never left when we had Sophie, so no different for us). We also at the time hadn't had any COVID cases in the birthing center at our hospital so that was great and gave me a little more peace of mind also. I'm not sure how things would be if we were at a different hospital if I had to have a c section, or if I was wasn't able to test in advance/test positive for COVID but with our experience, it ended up being great thankfully. I highly recommend not waiting too long before going into the hospital because your scared of COVID and all of the unknowns. I have heard way too many horror stories of women waiting too long and something tragic happening. You have to be in the hospital at one point or another anyway so when you feel like you need to go in, just go, get settled in your room, turn on some relaxing music, get some essential oils diffusing, and try not to think about anything else that's going on outside the walls of your room. Just think about being with your amazing partner and how exciting is it that life is about to change for the better with a beautiful little miracle that's about to enter the world. Everything will work out one way or another so try not to stress too much!

With all of that being said here are my packing list and everything we brought with us to the hospital.

Click HERE For A Printable Hospital Bag Checklist

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Shop My Hospital Bag

What I Packed In My Toiletry Bag

What I Packed In Parker's Hospital Bag

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Our Car Seat We had Installed Prior To Our Due Date

Hope this posts helps you get a better idea of what you need and helps you feel as prepared as possible! Congrats again on your new baby and you will do great Mama, try not to stress!

XO Micah


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