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Key West, Florida

Hey Guys!

Today is a long awaited post about our trip to Key West, Florida!

We went at the beginning of October and the weather was still amazing! Most of our trip was spent in Miami Beach, Florida but we decided to make the drive to Key West for one of the days.

Ryan really wanted to go and I heard the Highway getting there was pretty crazy and that the waters were beautiful! So that was intriguing to me but to be honest I wasn't super excited to visit Key West.

I didn't look up anything about it or see any photos to give me something to expect but for some reason all I had envisioned in my head was some tiny town at the southern tip of Florida that would be all run down. An overly touristy town with people trying to sell us tons of cheesy knick knacks. You know those places I'm talking about? I honestly have no idea why that thought was in my head because it was totally WRONG! This quaint little town has so much character and history. From the boardwalk you could walk for miles inland passing tons of beautiful, colorful homes. It was truly incredible.

Below are some photos of my favorites homes we passed while walking around and at the end of the post you will find the restaurant we ate at for lunch. The views were breathtaking there and the food was incredible. I'm so glad we decided to make the drive and get to see this beautiful town. I definitely would love to go back sometime and maybe even just stay there so we could have more than just one day to explore. If you are just traveling around or staying near Miami (or anywhere south of there) I feel like the drive is totally worth it. We checked out of our hotel in Miami Beach fairly early, had some breakfast and drove the 3 1/2 hour drive to Key West. We had a 7 month old in the car with us and we timed it so she slept all the way there and all the way back and was awake the whole time to check out the cute little town. It worked out perfectly!


To Eat :

For lunch we went to Bistro 245 right on the waterfront. The views we beautiful and the food was delicious!

After we took a scroll on the boardwalk before heading back to the car to make the long drive back to our hotel.

It was so worth the drive for us and we definitely plan on coming back one day! If you guys are even a little bit close to key west for vacation it's totally worth it to visit for even just the day. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and hopefully it gives you some inspiration and motivation to visit this beautiful place!

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