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New Adventure Series Video Live Vlog #6

Hey Guys!!! There is a new Adventure Series video (part 1) live over on YouTube!

Click the link HERE to go check out the full video. Also please don't forget to subscribe and let me know in the comments if there are any other videos you want to see from me! <3

This trip just like every other started with no plans or at least very little. We hadn't reserved any campsites or anything yet, we weren't even 100% on where we were going to stay. As a matter of fact up until the morning of we were planning on road tripping and camping somewhere in a completely different direction all together. We always change things up and do everything the spontaneous way of course there are always positive and negatives to doing it that way but everything always turns out great and we leave with some really fun stories. Once we got a little bit closer to our destination we realized a lot of roads near the area we were headed had washed out from the storms that happened over the winter and never got repaired. In the part 2 video we found the end of the road literally. I'll leave that anticipation for the part 2 video which should be coming out next week right before we head out to Canada!I'm super excited to share with you guys everything we have coming up! Stay Tuned! Have an amazing Wednesday!


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Click HERE to watch the full video.

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