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Victoria's Secret Sport Haul

Hey Guys! I'm sure if you've been following along on my IG then you know I've been working out like crazy and I don't know about you but it always motivates me to workout more when I have new workout clothes! I went into Victorias Secret the other day to do a try on and share with you guys what I got! Everything is also 40% off right now so hurry over and grab your favorites, I know things will sell out fast because these are all such great prices! I wouldn't want you to miss out!

For reference I'm 5ft tall and wearing a size Medium in everything.

If you want to just head over to Victoria's Sport to check things out for your own click HERE. Or keep reading to see what I picked out.

I hope you guys get to snag some cute workout clothes at a super great price! Don't forget to tag me on insta with all of your new looks!


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