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Pregnancy Update: Second Trimester & Q&A

How I'm Feeling

Overall I'm feeling 96% great! Finally got over the first trimester symptoms, I am having my normal food cravings and starting to workout again! The second trimester is always my absolute favorite and I feel my best during this time!


I've been having the craziest most in-depth dreams this pregnancy, to the point of thinking they actually happened when I wake up. There have been multiple times I've had to ask Ryan if something happened or to clarify plans I thought were going on that I just dreamt up. Poor guy, I think I've stressed him out with this. HAHAHA One story I'll share because I think it's just too funny. SO apparently night I was dreaming I thought it was the morning before he left for work and we had an entire conversation about how he was over buying store-bought eggs and he found a good deal on chickens and a chicken coop on craigslist and was going to pick them up once he got off work. To do so, I would have to drive his truck to meet him at work to pick these up since the chicken coop was so big. Once I woke up and started cooking breakfast for Sophie and I started thinking about these said plans I thought we made this morning and realized Sophie didn't have a car seat in his truck. We only have one in his car and my car. So I call him at work.... He answers the phone and I ask him about the car seat situation and how am I supposed to meet him at work with the truck if we don't have a car seat installed. He was totally confused and started asking more questions. Then I elaborated explaining how he had told me he was planning on buying chickens and a coop after work and he was like WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?! Just one out of many instances where I gave him a bit of a panic over my dreams vs reality situation. Poor guy, but I'm so thankful he so loving and supportive and is so understanding of all the crazy pregnancy hormones going on.


I started working out again since I have my energy back thank goodness! During Sophies nap time I try to walk on the treadmill. When I'm on the treadmill I walk 2 laps to warm up, 2 laps walking at full incline and a slower pace focusing on toning, 2 laps at 2.5 incline and as fast of pace I feel comfortable, and then 2 laps to cool down to make 2 miles. I try to do that a few times a week and try to stretch afterward or do some yoga. Other days I will do a toning workout from the Tone It Up App, you can choose what style of workout or what body parts you want to focus on and then choose the duration so it's perfect for being able to customize the workouts to fit your needs at that time. I'm surprised I've been feeling good enough to do toning workouts. My first pregnancy with Sophie I tried doing them but I think my body was going through so many changes it felt uncomfortable so instead, I stuck to walking every single day. Rain, shine, snow, you name it I walked every single day until the day I had Sophie. This time I'm not exercising every single day but I try to do toning workouts and walk on the treadmill or outside with the fam when I have time.

What I'm Eating

I'm starting to want to eat normal foods again, which I'm so thankful for! Lately, I've been craving lots of smoothies, and sandwiches, mangos, and milkshakes! YUM! I'm not being very strict honestly. We have been eating most of our meals at home and cutting down on how much we are eating out. I don't try to be super strict when pregnant, I eat what my body craves and I have the treats. I just try to keep things in moderation and have smaller portions of treats and try not to get too crazy. It might not be the best but that's how I feel the best and I'm okay with it. I try to keep active and stay hydrated and it helps to balance out the treats a bit.

Body Changes

With my first pregnancy, I felt every single little change that happened with my body. I feel like I started showing early with both of them, but it's amazing how this time around since my body has already gone through it once and stretched out in a way already it just knew what to do the second time around and I didn't feel as many changes as I did the first time around. I also feel like my belly is growing pretty quickly this time around also. I think like I said my body has already done it once it's just getting right to it!

What I'm Wearing

It's still a little chilly around here so I've been living in my lulu lemon dupe leggings that I sized up in. They aren't maternity but they are super comfortable and stretchy. I also use THIS belly band for if I wear my jeans and THIS belly band for if I workout or walk, later on in pregnancy I wear it more often if I'm cleaning or standing/moving around a lot. It's a lifesaver! It makes it so you can wear your jeans unbuttoned and this band holds them up! I used this band through both pregnancies and I love it because then you don't have to buy a ton of maternity jeans/shorts.


Q: Did all of your pregnancy symptoms go away after the first trimester?

A: YES! Thankfully with both pregnancies, they went away right when I hit my second trimester. I got my energy back, wasn't as nauseous anymore, started to want to eat real food with flavor again, smells didn't bother me as much and I started to work out again.

Q: What day is your actual Due Date?

A: June 1st, 2020

Q: Were you surprised when you found out the gender?

A: YES! I don't know why we all thought it was going to be another girl. Ry has been the only girl in our house for as long as we've been together. All out animals have been girls, then we had Sophie and we just figured he would be surrounded by all the girls for the rest of his life HAHA He's so amazing with girls, I know he wouldn't mind being the only guy in the house. When we got into the room to do our ultrasounds and find out the gender he sat down and all of a sudden thought it was going to be a boy! We were so surprised when we found out but we are SO excited about bringing a baby boy into our fam!

Q: Have you already started shopping for blue clothing yet?

A: Of course! Boy's clothing is just the cutest! Our baby boy already has more pairs of shoes than Ryan does, I know super practical right?! HAHA!

Q: What are you doing to stay in shape?

A: I walk on the treadmill or outside with the fam. I also follow the tone it up app they have an entire pregnancy workout program to follow throughout your entire pregnancy, it's amazing! They have workouts planned out for you daily so it takes the guesswork out of everything and all you have to do is open up the app and see what you should do for the day! They have a 7 day trial for free to test it out and see if it's something you love. They also have postnatal workouts that you can follow to get you back into the swing of things once you get cleared to workout again. I've been using the app since they released it and following Tone It Up workouts for 7 years now and love the girls who started it and the community they have built so much!



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