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Big News! I Launched an Etsy!

Today is a huge day for me, I can't believe I launched an Etsy! I've been wanting to do something like this ever since I was a little girl helping my dad work in his graphics design/t-shirt shop. I remember getting to go down to his shop every day after school from elementary all the way through until high school and getting to use my creative freedom. I always had a project going on... hey maybe that's why till this day I'm always getting Ryan into these crazy DIY projects lol(poor guy) I remember the feeling of knowing my possibilities were endless, my dad always helped me make anything I wanted no matter how elaborate it seemed. It was so much fun and thinking about it recently growing up and being an adult kind of changes you in a way. You get sucked into the everyday life, work and going non-stop but I'm really excited to let my creative juices flow again. I've always been a huge lover of fashion, I guess you could also say that started since before elementary school... I was the only kid in 1st grade with a faux fur backpack, patent leather mary janes and dresses all day every day. Oh my gosh, I just remembered in 5th grade I had faux leather leggings and faux snakeskin sneakers ... WHAT?! Now I can say I have my mom to thank for leading me to where I am today. We joke now about how she was such a Tom boy and still has a hard time with makeup and picking out an outfit till this day but she always knew how to dress me. I remember always buying things and changing them or going shopping for hours only to never find what I had in mind didn't exist and sure enough late at night after a long day of searching getting my dad to help me make whatever I had going on in my head. I'm so excited my dad and I are now producing these products together and getting the chance to share them with you! Here is one of my first designs, It says je t'aime which is I love you in French. Perfect for a Valentine's Day gift for you, someone else or just a good everyday shirt! I will be wearing this on repeat for sure, dress it up or dress it down. Perfect for any occasion. Love you guys so much, thank you for supporting me and pushing me to make this dream a reality! XoMicah Order this shirt at

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