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Vlog #4 The Adventures of Micah & Ryan Continue...

Hey Guys!! Another Adventure Series Video is up on YouTube!!! I'll link the video down below so you guys can check it out! Please don't forget to subscribe to my channel and comment what else you would like to see from me! I always love to hear your ideas and get your feedback!

This trip was so much fun! If you guys follow me on Instagram or snapchat you probably already know we have a 1971 VW Bus we are in the process of working on and getting it running. It has been a super fun project for Ryan and I to do together. My dad has always had car projects growing up so I know a little bit about cars. It was so much fun learning from Ryan and learning how simple this bus is! Anyways!!! Long story short we of course needed parts (the parts thing is kind of on going LOL) The place for parts we love going to is about 1 hr and 40 min North West of us. So we decided to make a fun weekend trip out of it! We started from our house on a Friday night, and went to up Mt. St. Helens to car camp for the night. From there we packed up and headed directly West to the VW Parts Store. We got a ton of parts and of course found more that we weren't able to bring back with us. One of those things being a Huge Z Bed... We already had our car packed when we got there and had our sups stacked on top.. Needless to say we had to come back later for the seats. After that we headed directly West all the way out to the coast. From there we headed down Hwy 101 to a town called Manzanita, OR where we came across a big music festival! It was such a blast! Our campsite was right along the ocean so we got to walk the beach a few times. If you know the Oregon Coast you know it's known for being a bit chilly, and we totally lucked out with weather! It was so nice and sunny, I couldn't have imagined it to be any better! After that we found this really awesome lake to go paddle boarding on before having lunch and heading home!!!

We started this trip with zero plan, as do most of our trips. It really just goes to show all the fun spontaneous things you come across when you don't plan out every little thing along the way.

Hope you guys enjoy the video and stay tuned for more soon!


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