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Road Trip to Lake Shasta -Link to YouTube video of it all!

Hey Guys! I know I have Posted this video other places but if you haven't seen it yet make sure to go check it out and subscribe to my youtube channel to see part 2 coming up! It's pretty funny. This is the first video to the start of our summer video series. A lot of our followers want to see more than just snapshots of out trips so we want to kind of take you along with us on our journey! I figure through the blog I can write more details about the videos if you like to read about things or if you prefer to watch you can just click ahead and watch it!

A little background of this trip. I want to let you guys in on a little secret.... If you haven't probably figured out by now I'm very spontaneous. Ryan is the one to help keep me grounded, on time, accountable, to keep a steady job so I don't run away to travel the world, or pack up all my belongings to live in my bus... ANYWAYS you get the picture. We always try to find the happy medium and work together but I love the sense of adventure and the unknown too much for everything to go smoothy and perfectly planned all the time. It was on a Wednesday, June 8th 2016 to be more specific. I was looking at my calendar to see what we had coming up and when we had some free time to go somewhere fun. The weekend coming up we didn't have any set plans yet but it was looking to be horrible weather. Also if you know me I am a sun worshiper so Whomp Whomp to the storm coming our way. I noticed the following weekend was fathers day on that Sunday but we had a wedding to attend on Saturday, so that means no time for us to get away. I was thinking we could so an early fathers day trip and bring my dad along with us, he had been super stressed and busy with work so I really wanted to get him out of town for a bit! So of course the first thing I started doing was went right into my weather app and started typing in places that didn't seem too far away that I had been wanting to go to for a bit now. A lot of places all around us were going to be hit by the storm too. We already live in a beautiful place so at that point you might as well stay home. AM I RIGHT?! So that brings me to when I typed in Lake Shasta, CA. It said it was going to be in the 90's all weekend and of course at that point I thought I found the place. (insert happy dance here) It was also a 7 hour drive and wasn't sure if ryan would be on board. Luckily it took me less than a day to convince him and my dad. Thank goodness considering we only had one day left before we needed to pack and head out, there was no time to think about it or "sleep on it.". (FEWWWFFF). We booked our camp spot the very next day on Friday and we left town that night! So you can see a little peek into my planning skills, or lack thereof. Needless to say we found the sun, got to camp, paddleboard, explore and it was an epic trip! Hope you guys enjoy the video and stay tuned for Part 2!


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