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Valentine's Day Sensory Bin

Hey There!

I wanted to share a fun 70's love inspired sensory bin theme with you! You can make it however you want and add anything you already have to it but the base of this idea is all the same and I wanted to share how I put this all together! I also added a printable of these cute conversation hearts, you can add them to just about anything to make it a little more festive!

How I made this sensory bin.

1) First I made peace signs, flowers out of air-dry clay. You will need to take time to let these dry before you use or paint so I started with these first. I made the hand peace signs just by rolling out the same clay, tracing Sophie's hand, and then folding the fingers down to create a peace sign. I love that it actually the shape and size of her hand and we can keep these forever and look back at them later!

2) Once the clay was dried I painted them with acrylic paints. I also found these cute wooden buses at Michaels and painted them at the same time with the same paints and let everything dry overnight.

3) Rice Recipe:

-5lb bag of white rice

-Lemon Juice

-Food Coloring

Directions for coloring the rice.

-I used 2 colors and left the rest the natural color.

-Split the rice into separate gallon zip lock bags. ( I just needed 2 bags for my 2 colors I added in)

-Add 1 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice to each bag.

-Then add food coloring to each bag. Start with 1 drop and add additional drops for darker/vibrant colors.

(What I Used -> PEACHY RICE - 1 drop pink :1 drop orange) (PINK RICE - 3 drops pink)

-Shake the rice all around in the bag until it looks like the color you want.

-Take a baking tray per color of rice and layer paper towel over top to cover the tray. (I only needed 2 baking trays)

-Lay out the rice on top of the paper towel evenly across the baking sheet and let dry.

-Once dry you can transfer it into your sensory bin and you're ready to go!

4) Lastly I added in conversation hearts that I printed, laminated, and cut out. I also added heart-shaped bowls and wooden scoops. You can add anything you have around the house or make it a theme as I did!

I hope this gives you guys some great inspo for making your own festive sensory bins your kiddos! Don't forget to tag my account @Micah.Juliet on social so I can see what you came up with!


-Prints are from Thread Mama

-Table/chair , sensory bin, rattan book holder all from Ikea.

-Rattan Mirror from Hobby Lobby

Printable #1 - Bigger Hearts

Printable #2 - Smaller Hearts


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