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Valentine's Day Breakfast Ideas For Kids

Our family loves being super festive around here! We look forward to every single holiday and love making it special in some way or another. Our daughter Sophie Loves a good festive breakfast, she thinks is so fun! If your kids are the same way I'm sharing 4 festive Valentine's Day breakfast ideas to recreate with your kids! Make sure to use the hashtag #MicahMadeMeDoIt so I can see all the breakfast ideas you have made for your kids!

1) Heart shaped Pancakes

topped with butter, syrup, and festive sprinkles!

For this all I used were heart cookie cutters and some festive sprinkles.

-1st spray your pan and cookie cutter with some cooking spray, place the cookie cutter on the pan and pour your batter into the cookie cutter. The trick with this I found is to let it cook almost all the way through on on side so when you take the cookie cutter off it will hold it's shape and be ready to flip! Repeat that step until you have as many pancakes as you want, heck make them for the whole family if you want! To finish off add butter and syrup and sprinkle some festive sprinkles on op and enjoy!

2) Scrambled cheesy eggs with heart shaped strawberries and heart shaped toast!

For this all I used were mini heart shaped cookie cutters

This one was super easy! All I did was scramble up some cheesy eggs, use a heart shape cookie cutter for the toast and cut the strawberries into hearts. All you have to do is cute a v shape where the stem of the strawberry is and they look like hearts!

3) Heart shaped waffles topped with jam and a side of raspberries!

For this all I used was a heart shaped waffle maker

This idea is super easy, all you do is mix up some batter, pour batter into the waffle maker, wait for the light to turn green and pop them out! Spread butter and jam on top and add some raspberries and your set!

4) XO and Heart Pancakes

For this I used silicone letters and shapes to create the XO and hearts.

Similar to the first pancake idea you just mix up some batter, spray your pan and silicone letters/shapes with cooking spray, pour the batter into the silicone letters/shapes and again make sure to let it cook all the way through so that when you pull up the silicone piece they stay in place and are ready to flip to the other side.Top with butter and jam and you're ready to eat a cute and delicious breakfast!

Hope these ideas help you create a fun + festive breakfast treat for your kiddos! Don't forget to hashtag #MicahMadeMeDoIt so we can all see your fun breakfast ideas too!



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