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Sophie's Dollhouse!

Sophies Boho Surf Shack Inspired Dollhouse is FINISHED!

I will include links to everything we used inside the dollhouse and which dollhouse we ended up going with below so keep reading!

My Favorite Shops To Buy Dollhouse Items:

I bought most of the items in our dollhouse HERE

I also loved THIS Etsy shop & THIS Etsy shop.

Most of the exact items if you're looking for anything specific are linked at the bottom of the post, Most of the furniture we built using basswood or balsa wood and cutting out on our Cricut machine.

First I want to say that if you have been here for any length of time you know that to be able to design any of my spaces I have to sketch it all out. So the same goes for this teeny tiny dollhouse! I spent hours looking for inspo photos on Pinterest, everything from other dollhouses to real houses I wanted to re-create but in miniature version! A lot of the furniture we made we created just out of ideas we had and sketches we made. We used our Cricut Air to cut the wood for us to make all of the cute boho furniture! I was so glad that right before I finished this dollhouse Michael's came out with a new miniature collection with the exact style pieces I was going for in this dollhouse! It saved us from having to make a few pieces from scratch and the style is gorgeous!

We had been searching online for a while to find a dollhouse we loved that didn't cost an arm and a leg. We still wanted to have a budget left over for adding decor pieces and not just spend the most amount on the dollhouse itself. I had found the Plan Toys Victorian Dollhouse, I love that it was all wood and the look of it was so pretty! It was $350 which wasn't bad compared to a lot of others I found, but still just seemed really expensive for a kid's dollhouse. We thought about custom building it with wood and keeping it really simple but that seemed like a lot of planning just to figure out measurements etc. We also had looked at Hobby Lobby for windows and doors to add to a custom house and those alone were super spendy, so at that rate, we might as well save time and buy the $350 house.

One of the days we were browsing Hobby Lobby we noticed they sell dollhouses. For a pre-built house, they were $329 but we noticed a sticker that said your price $89.99. We asked about it and you can buy the kit for only $89.99 and put it together yourself! If you have a little extra time, it's a great way to save some money without sacrificing size, look, or quality! You can buy them in-store at your local Hobby Lobby they have a handful to choose from at different price ranges but the one we got was called the Vermont Farmhouse Jr. Dollhouse

Surf Shack Attic




Living Room

Tap the Items to Shop Below

A lot of you guys have asked where we got the wallpaper we used on the dollhouse from and below are all the exact prints I used. We had them all printed at our local fed ex on 9 x 14 thick paper and just glued them on with a glue stick. That ended up working a lot better than some of the other glues we tried and it was a lot easier! You can just save these to print off whatever size you need for your house!


Living Room



Surf Shack Attic


I was originally planning to do flooring in the surf shack spot and in two of the rooms but since the dollhouse has these really pretty hardwood floors and they have indents we thought it would be too hard to glue the paper down into all the divots so, in the end, we decided against the flooring which I'm so happy about now! I'll include the flooring prints I was going to use in case you want to add them to your dollhouse. I'll label which rooms I would have used these in but use the prints wherever you want!

Kitchen Floors

Bathroom Floors

Surf Shack Attic Floors

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1 Comment

becky Carney
becky Carney
Feb 28

Your doll house is so very nice.

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