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Sophie's Big Girl Room Tour!

Hey there,

Welcome back!

I'm so excited to share with you Sophie's new big girl room reveal! I can't believe she is so big already, where has the time gone?! I shared a sneak peek over on my Instagram stories the other day with tons of beautiful paint swatches and samples and this beautiful rainbow is what I was hard at work on! It took me almost a full day to complete but so WORTH IT! Sophie was so cute, she kept coming in and checking on me throughout the day and she would say "WOW, BEAUTIFUL PLACE!" every time she walked in the room, so needless to say it was great motivation for getting this project done for her.

I had seen so many pretty rainbows over beds in different color schemes over on Pinterest, which gave me the idea in the first place but everything I had seen was wallpaper. The walls in our house are too textured, and I didn't think they would stay up for very long or look as good as they did in the photos I was seeing. I also was really picky with the colors on the rainbow in the different wallpapers so It gave me the idea to customize my own colors and paint it myself! Well, with the help of Ryan of course.

We made a whole youtube video on how we created this rainbow wall if you are thinking of creating one like it in your house! Click HERE to watch it!

I have also linked everything I could if not similar items from her room down below. Hope this helps bring you some amazing inspiration, ENJOY!


I always get a lot of questions on her bed and we got it from Ikea. It's really cool because it's an extendable bed. In the photo above it's at its shortest length. We bought the mattress that goes with the bed because it has the mattress that fits the bed at it's shortest length and then once you decode to extend the bed out longer it has an extra piece that attaches onto the bottom! She is almost was 2 at this time and is almost 4 now and the bed is still at the shorter length.

Here is the link to the exact Ikea bed we got HERE. I also linked similar beds below if you don't want to get a new mattress and everything but still like the look of this bed. Here is the link to the exact mattress we got HERE also, I believe it comes in a few different firmness levels to chose from , but we liked this one a lot! Since it's a odd size mattress we got the sheets that go with it HERE, they are really inexpensive. They come in white also and we bought some pink and white plain and then bought extras of each color to tie dye and they look so cute!

We also have some seasonal twin sheets that we like for her bed, they fit if you make sure to really tuck the extra material all the way under the mattress and they stay really well!


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