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Gender Neutral Baby Boy Nursery Inspo.

Hey there!

It's starting to feel so real that in only 3 short (give or take) months from now we will be holding our baby boy in this nursery! Creating a safe space for a new baby is just one of the funnest and sweetest things when you're expecting a new little one! Especially during the nesting stage of pregnancy. I find myself sitting in the nursery while Sophie is taking a nap, it's just so peaceful and I love taking it all in, it's like the calm before the storm. I know soon enough life will not be that quiet, especially with two little ones and a dog! I can't wait to bring our new baby boy into this sweet space we've created for him!

I’m so excited for this post and I know so many of you are too! You guys have been asking daily what I’m going to do for the nursery so I hope this helps gives you some inspiration and a great start to decorating! I started creating this little inspiration board for myself to gather together all of the big pieces that I love and to try and put them together to see how everything looks. I played around with a few crib options and dresser options and ended up really liking how this design layout turned out. I’m extremely visual so creating these types of vision boards really helps me stay on track, organized, and ensures that I really love all the pieces and I know that everything will look great together! This actually is a great tip to use while decorating or styling any space in your home. I know it can be so overwhelming when you have an idea of what you need for you space, walk into a store and they either don’t have a ton of stock or you get overwhelmed with all of the options that they have available for you. It can be so easy to end up leaving not sure if the items will work in the space or wondering if you need more texture, did you buy too much of one color etc. This process really helps to alleviate all of the stress and make the design process full proof. I started out with all of the big furniture pieces and a couple of decor items I definitely knew I wanted in the space and made sure everything was looking cohesive. After we get everything set up in the nursery I can then go through and see what areas seem bare, look at how big the area is ( Does it need something tall and skinny? Something short and wide? More decor on the walls? More color or texture?) and see what items I can find to compliment everything else that’s already in the room. I hope this gives you a great start and some inspiration if you’re starting to put together a gender neutral nursery or a little boy’s nursery like I am!


Other decor items we've added to the nursery so far.


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