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DIY Starbucks Protein Bistro Boxes

Hey Guys!

We recently went to Starbucks and I picked up one of their Protein Bistro Boxes and thought that I really need to start making these for myself! I tend to have a hard time making sure I eat enough through the day, it's so easy to get busy or to be focusing on Sophie and then next thing you know I haven't been eating enough (especially protein!). I always seem to do so much better when things are already prepared for me and I can just grab it and eat it, rather than having to get everything out, wash and cut the fruit and then sit down to eat something. I just know myself and that LITTLE bit of extra time is just a little too long for me and I most likely won't do it. Naturally I'm more likely to grab something packaged and unhealthy rather then spend that little time to make something healthy for myself just because it's quicker. That's probably why Starbucks makes so much money from people like me who LOVE convenience! I thought if I prepare these all at once and find similar containers to the ones at Starbucks, then there really doesn't have to be anything extra I need to do later. and I can have a healthy prepared/packaged snack just waiting for me whenever I need it! I could literally grab one of these if I'm heading out the door to run errands and eat on the go if I need to! Some of you guys may not need things to be as convenient or to look as pretty to make good habits and thats AMAZING, good for you! But let me tell you, I DO! If you're at all like me and are dying so see how I made these darling DIY Starbucks Protein Bistro Boxes then lets get started!

So First I ordered these really great reusable and dishwasher safe containers HERE and I found the disposable 1.5 oz containers for the peanut butter HERE.

Then We go get our groceries!


serving size: 6 boxes

-12 hard boiled eggs

- 6 mini babybel cheese

-6 slices of deli meat ( I used ham)

-3 cups of grapes

- 3 apples

- 9 oz of peanut butter

- lemon juice (optional)

- salt & pepper (optional)


Now time to prep your boxes!



1) lay out 6 meal prep containers and put one 1.5 oz disposable cup in each box (2) Wash all fruit (3) Cut apples (option to spread lemon juice so the apples don't brown) and portion 1/2 an apple into each box (4) Portion peanut butter into 1.5 oz containers (5) Portion grapes (approx. 15 grapes) into each box (6) Portion 2 hard boiled eggs into each box (they stay fresh longer if you don't cut them, I only did for the photo) (7) Portion 1 slice of deli meat into each box (8) Portion 1 babybel cheese into each box (9) Put the lids on the disposable containers and the meal prep containers, stack them up and store in the fridge until you're ready to eat!

These are great for having around the house when you need a quick snack, for taking with you out the door to run errands (It's the worst shopping on an empty stomach) or take these to work with you! No need to spend tons of money at Starbucks anymore, these are delicious, cute and really easy to prepare!


Hope that helps and gives you some fun inspiration for the day! If you make these don't forget to tag me @micah.juliet over on instagram! I'd love to see how yours turn out! I also made a fun recipe card at the bottom of this page so you can save to your pinterest for later, print it out, or screen shot to use and take with you to the grocery store!

Happy Monday!


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