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My Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event Picks

Hey guys!

Today I'm sharing my Sephora Beauty Insider Spring Bonus Event Picks with you guys! Aside from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, this is easily one of my favorite sales of the year. It's a great time to take advantage of buying products that never or very rarely go on sale. I have tried everything I'm sharing today and I'm even going to re-purchase some of these products during this sale also since I'm running low. I will also split this up by category to make it a little bit easier for you guys as well. Hope this helps you guys find some amazing new products so you don't have to sift through their site for hours on end because trust me, it's easy to do! Don't forget this sale ends on May 6th!

If for some reason you didn't get an email with your Beauty Insider Level then just log into your account on, Under your account ( the tab that says Hey, Micah! or your name lol) Click on Beauty Insider and it will tell you what level you are at how how many points you need if you want to move up a level.

Discount Codes:

Rouge: 20% off Use Code: HEYROUGE

VIB: 15% off Use Code: HEYVIB

Insider: 10% off Use Code: HEYINSIDER

Sale Ends on May 6th

I'm first going to start with makeup. I use these product for my everyday makeup up routine.


I've been using the Fenty Beauty primer for a month now and I love it! It's great for all skin types and is more of a moisturizer consistency. They also have a mini size if you want to give it a go first before buying the full size.

I got a sample of this Yves Saint Laurent Primer awhile back and it is hands down my favorite primer I've ever tried. The only down side is that it's definitely a splurge product. The mini size I tried lasted me forever so I can only imagine how long the big bottle will last you. If you love a silicone type feel to primers and want to splurge, than I would highly suggest trying this one out!


This under eye corrector from Becca works wonders for dark circles! I use the lighter color for my skin tone and apply if before your under eye concealer to help correct any dark circles you may have.

This Fenty Beauty Concealer is great for under the eyes. I use the shade 145. It says you can use it for blemishes the only problem I have with that is for your under eye concealer you buy a lighter shade than your face to brighten it up and you don't want your blemished to stand out with a lighter color than your foundation that's my reasoning for having a concealer specifically for when I get breakouts.

This Makeup Forever concealer is the one I specifically use for breakouts only. I've used this for probably about 10 years or so and love it for covering the occasional breakout or even acne, just make sure to get the same or similar color to our foundation so it blends in nicely. People have always thought I've had such great skin, but i've actually struggled with acne for the larger portion of my life it seems. I'm so thankful now it has gone away and only get the occasional breakout but for a long time this concealer was a life saver! I didn't always have perfect skin, I just got really REALLY good at covering my breakouts lol. Tricky! I wear the shade #5 to match my foundation.


This is my everyday cc cream. It feels really light weight but looks like a full coverage foundations and it also has SPF so this is a must for everyday for me. They have a limited edition set right now that I just purchased that comes with your choice of the Oil-Free Matte SPF 40, Original cc+ cream SPF 50+ OR the CC+ Illumination foundation and you get a cleanser moisturizer and eye cream with your purchase. Just read the details tab to make sure you have added it to your cart the right way. I love the oil-free matte and that is what i just re purchased in the shade medium for my skin tone coming into summer. I have also tried the original and also like it but I feel with my combo skin type I need to use more setting powder.

If you have oily/combo skin I recommend the matte, if you have normal skin I recommend the original and if you have normal to dry and want an extra glow I recommend the Illumination ( this is the only one I haven't tried because of my skin type but I've heard great things).

This is my go to Full Coverage Foundation. I use this if I'm going to an event or date night and just wanting to bump it up a bit. I've tried so many other foundations and just keep coming back to this one!

I wear the shade Dawn.

Setting Powder:

This is such a beautiful Setting Powder! It really gives your skin that final even skin tone texture look. It goes on great and doesn't leave your skin feeling too dry, heavy, or cakey. They have a mini option if you want to try before buying the full size. I use the shade butter.

This is a great Pressed Setting Powder if you don't like loose powder. I have been using this one for my under eye and the loose powder for your face but you can definitely just use one if you prefer pressed or loose powder. I use the shade light if I just want it or my under eyes or in the winter months and the shade medium if I want to use it for face and undereyes during the spring and summer months.

This is my go to Setting Spray Mist I've used for years and even used on my brides and bridesmaides when I did hair & makeup for weddings. I mainly use this if I'm going to be outside for an event or special occasion and know I'm going to get sweaty and really want my makeup to stay in place for hours. Or if I'm going out and there is the possibility of dancing, which let's be honest, now with a baby that rarely happens anymore. That was more the case when I was in college and my pre baby days lol but whatever the case is, if you know you might get sweaty for whatever reason and want your makeup to stay in place for hours you need this setting spray!


This is my all time favorite blush, not a fan of the shade names but the colors are beautiful.

I use the shade orgasm. (sorry)


I use this Contour Palette all year round! It's my all time favorite! It comes with a cream contour, a powder contour, and 4 different highlight shades. I like to use the golden highlight colors in the spring and summer and the cooler highlight colors in the fall and winter!

Eyeshadow Palettes.

This palette and this palette are my 2 favorite eyeshadow palettes and use them daily. I normally just switch between the two from time to time. These will last you for years to come.

This is also an amazing travel palette so you don't need to pack as much individual makeup. It comes with a bronzer, blush, highlight and lots of eyeshadow colors to choose from.


I love this lip liner and this lipstick for everyday! I wear both in the shade pillowtalk.


I use this brow pencil in the color medium brown, make sure to look at the color guide to find the right shade for you, it has a great description! This pencil is so easy to create a natural brow and create individual hairs rather than a dark thick colored in brow.


This is such a great brush set with everything you need for creating a flawless makeup look!

I've been using these beauty blenders lately to cut down on time to apply foundation, concealer, setting powder, and cream contour and cream blush all in one shot! If you don't have much time everyday time this is a great trick to have one of these, dampen it and apply all of your face makeup then just have a few eyeshadow brushes to finish it off.

If your just looking for eyeshadow brushes to go the quicker route this is a great brush set and it's cute!

Product I use on my skin daily

Products I use on my skin weekly

Skincare tools I swear by:

Over the years I have invested in these tools, I was not gifted any of them. Being an esthetician I know what great results you can get from using these tools since we used to use them at our spa. These are definitely investment tools but I have saved so much money over time with just being able to give myself a great facial at home. I try to get tools like these when a sale like this is going on so you save more,

what a perfect time!

Hair Products I Can't Live Without!

I know this post was a bit lengthy but I hope this helps you find exactly what you need to have a great hair, skincare, and makeup regimen!

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