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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Yessss!!! Guys, I can't believe the time has already come!!! The Nordstrom Sale (the #nsale) is now coming up quick. If you’re new to the sale, it is the best sale of year, it features all of the brand new fall pieces on major sale before they are officially in season and go back up to full price. You save more by shopping early, I LOVE saving! Who doesn't, right?! Before I fill you in on all the details I just have to say how excited I am. First of all, because this is my first real year that I'm talking all about the sale. Last year I just shared a few of my faves. Secondly, I've been getting so many DM's from you guys talking about how excited you are about it also and letting me know what you guys are looking for so I can help find you the best things for the best deals. It just makes me so happy that you trust me and love my style enough to do all of the sifting through everything for you and tell you exactly what's worth the purchase! I'm so thankful that I'm able to do this for you guys, save you time and money and be able to do what I love! Seriously if you have any questions or anything in particular you want me to share or look for you DO NOT hesitate to ask. This is what I'm here for and I seriously LOVE it! You can ask anyone who has known me for any amount of time, I love helping people shop!

So with that being said I'm so excited to get to work and help you get the best bang for your buck!

Keep on reading for all my most asked questions regarding the sale.

Here we go...

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

Every summer, Nordstrom holds the Anniversary Sale (#nsale). What makes this sale so unique is that the items are all brand new Fall 2018 items. These items ARE NOT from last season! This sale is definitely the biggest and best of the year.

What are the dates I can shop the sale?

If you’re a Nordstrom card holder, you’ll get early access to the sale starting on July 12th.

If you want early access and don't already have a Nordstrom Card, you can apply HERE.

If you aren’t interested in the Nordstrom card, the sale opens to the public on July 20th, one week after and will end on August 5th.

What is best way to shop the sale?

The best way to shop this sale is (luckily) from the comfort of your own home! Things in store will sell out way too fast and it's super easy to get distracted from the key pieces you had your mind set on to begin with. I always have an idea before the sale starts of things I'm looking for, I make a list and I try to not stray away too much from it. For me I always look for shoes, jackets/sweaters, jeans and beauty items. This year I'll also be on the lookout for items for husband and our new baby! If you would like me to go over my top picks for mens and kids, I would be more than happy to! If you live near a Nordstrom the best thing to do is order online, get both sizes and order to pickup in store. You can try everything on in store of you would like and return what didn't work right then and there. It's very common you get something that possibly doesn't fit and by time you're ready to deal with it all the sizes are all sold out. So that is my best tip!

What can I expect to see from you regarding the sale?

I will be sharing my top picks of everything from Women's Shoes/Clothing, Mens Items, Baby Items, Home Items and Beauty Items!!! Like I said before if there is anything you need help finding or certain categories you want to see more of than others just let me know and I would be happy to help!

Any Tips & Tricks?

Just keep checking back here, I will keep updating with new items and be checking in frequently when things are low stock etc. Before hand I will have searched the entire site for the best items and have it all ready for you to shop. Shop early and FAST. If you are following on Instagram stories, once you swipe up, be sure to sign in and purchase right away! Yes, items go that fast and sizes are gone even faster. Whether it is on my social media account or my blog, just snag it once you see it. Nordstrom offers free returns. I have said it before and I will say it again, order all sizes if you are unsure of which you need.

I like to try to make things easy peasy!

Check Out The 2018 Catalog HERE!!!

Hopefully that answers the most of your questions and I'll talk to you soon!

Be sure to snap a pic and tag me on anything you end up getting!

Happy Shopping!

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