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Fathers Day Gift Guide by Ryan

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Featuring Ryan

Heyoooo!!!! It's my time to shine. Here's my picks for Father's Day gifts, Hope you enjoy!

Harry’s makes great quality products that I’ve been using for a few years now.

Click HERE for a kit that has everything he would need. I also use this toiletries case that the set came withy still for when traveling. It's a great size.

Here are a few other shave options below


Click HERE to purchase

I use my OneBlade all the time.....well as often as I need to. It lasts a long time on a single charge which is always a plus. Click HERE to purchase.

For The Tool Guy


Surprisingly SnapOn is the only tool maker with a Father’s Day gift guide. Way to be on the ball guys!

Click HERE to shop their tools.

You can’t ever go wrong with a good flashlight or penlight they just have so many uses.

I have the F1(wish I chose this F1R, R for rechargeable) it’s awesome the performance is unmatched in my opinion.

Click HERE to Purchase.

I also have this one and use it often.

Click HERE to purchase.

A Leatherman is also a must have! I’ve had many over the years lost, found, bought or gifted. I currently have the Rebar, I chose this specific model because of two main reasons it’s the smallest model that has replaceable wire cutting bits, and it doesn’t have the interchangeable driver bits. I say that, because having the interchangeable bits is nice but they are cumbersome and they get lost easily.

Click HERE to purchase.

One of my personal favorites, this guy has saved my bacon once or twice. It’s a touch on the bulky side but it’s performance well outweighs the cost of it’s size.

Click HERE to purchase

We have a Roadie20 it fits perfectly in our bus, without taking up a ton of room.

Click HERE to purchase.

Mens Clothing Subscriptions


Click HERE to purchase

Get 50% off First Month by using the coupon codeSUMMER50

Click HERE to purchase

Click HERE to purchase


For more subscription ideas that have seriously every category you can think of anything from the meatlover, coffee lover, men's healthcare they have you covered.

Go check out The 28 Best Subscription Box Services for Men HERE


Little Sophie,

Sea monkeys not the same, goldfish not the same, a dog or a cat not the same, a really needy wife or girlfriend not even close. I realized this somewhere around hour 12 of her life. That’s not because the first 12 didn’t count, it’s because at this point I was reaching the cusp of hour 60 with no sleep. Osmosis doesn’t work with sleep, being less than two feet away from our little girl gave me no sense “ease” or “restfulness” I felt more like she was absorbing those feelings from me. And that's ok, she knew that I was there for her. I still proceeded with my unsuccessful attempts to sleep for any amount of time, how was I supposed to know if she would even be alive when I awoke from what seemed like a very unnecessary slumber at a moment like this. A very strange feeling of hope, love, joy, peace, terror, sadness and fear, has come over me since our little girl came into this world. Fear is the one that keeps you up at night, when it’s hour 60 and counting when you realize how little you actually have control of. These thoughts and feelings will help shape me into the father that I want to be and I would not trade them for anything.


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