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Unicorn Baby Shower

My mom hosted my baby shower a few weeks ago now and it turned out so beautiful! I've gotten so many questions about wanting to see more photos of it and today is the day! Hopefully this will give you guys some inspo for either a baby shower or even for a birthday party. This theme would be perfect for tons of occasions and I don't think this trend is going away anytime soon. It took a bit of prep time and a good couple of hours of my husband and step dad blowing up balloons (that was entertaining to say the least!) but in the end it was so worth it and turned out better than I could've imagined!

Below is the partial aftermath of opening so many presents (we tried to hide most of the mess)

The party was so amazing and so much fun! I can't wait for our baby girl to get here so she can use and wear all of the wonderful gifts she received! So thankful and blessed, our little girl is already so loved.

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