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Christmas Day Festivities!

Christmas Day was a day filled with spending times with the ones we love! We spent Christmas Eve with my Dad and Ryan's Parents and for Christmas Day we drove to my mom and step dads house. Its about and hour and a half a way (could be worse) but it's still hard not to see them as often as I used to. It was so great to hangout with my step sister also, who I don't get to see very often. We stayed in our pjs all day, ate breakfast, opened presents , ate some more, played tons of games and kept on eating some more! It was so much fun just being silly and being able to let our guards down from the everyday life.

No stress, no place to be, just having a blast creating great memories!

Below are some photos of our day!

I hope you all had a happy holiday and I hope you guys have an even better New Year!

Maisy the Puggle is trying to get the stockings.... not succeeding!

Maisy in her new sweater from Santa!

Somebody must have been good this year! Full size Pendleton! SCORE!

Time for the dogs to get gifts!

Time for presents!

Selfie Time!

Time for a HUGE present!

What could it be?!

WHAT?! A YETI COOLER?! Santa must really like you. Probably because you have red hair.

Maisy is patiently waiting.

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