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Peaceful // Workspace - Shop This Look

Hey Guys! I posted this photo recently on Instagram. I love my workspace so much and am so thankful to have a space the really inspires and motivates me. I'm such a creative person and honestly having to be an adult I have strayed away from that, life just gets in the way sometimes. Im ready to make that a change. I can be an adult and enjoy creating. I want to put myself first and start using the creative part of my brain more often, if you don't use it you might lose it! ( I think that's the only part I have upstairs, the rest might be filled with unicorns, rainbows and flowers. Oh my!) Anyways, I was pleased to see you guys enjoyed it and wanted to know where I got some of the things on my desk! Instead of replying to everyone individually I thought I would just do a post so I can connect all the links for easier access.

Hope you enjoy!

Comment below if there is anything else you want to hear from me or want to see more home decor blogs!


Computer: 27in iMac with Retina 5k display.Link

Keyboard: Apple Wireless Keyboard. Link

Diffuser: Thera B Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve. Link

Candle: The candle is by Wonderful Wick. They don't make it anymore, so this is exactly the same candle with the same scent or if you want the same color this is a good option also. For the palm tree it's just a gold palm tree sticker I made and put onto the candle. Flash Tattoos work great also for a gold palm tree. <3 Link

Essential Oil:This day I was using Balance from doTERRA, I also use Frankensence, Clary Sage, Hawaiian Sandalwood, and Ylang Ylang often. Or a few drops of two different oils for a mixture. Link

Mason Jar: Wow Wow Hawaiian lemonade Aloha Mason Jar. Link

Coasters: Wood Bark Coasters- Set of 4 from World Market. Link

Buddha Head Statue: I got it from a store in Portland, OR called The Gold Door. Their website isn't the best so if you live in the area you should go check it out, otherwise check out this buddha head statue. it's almost exactly the same! Link

Curtains: Target- Threshold Sheer Curtains with Grommets in color Natural. Link

Bamboo Window Coverings: White Washed Reed Weave Bamboo Roman Shade. Link

Desk: Ryan and I made the desk ourselves so unfortunately there is not a link for it.

Hope this helps you guys out! Let me know in the comments if this was helpful and what else you would like to see from me! <3


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