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I'm not one for a Birthday party theme, however I saw this shark with a party hat in the party section at target months before Parkers birthday and I thought he was the cutest thing ever! I mean that teeny little party hat just kills me! So I knew I wanted to focus the theme around that cutie little shark. We bought a handful of the themed items and then incorporated other ideas to make it more our style. I LOVE how it turned out, it was so much fun! I linked everything right under this that we used for the party if you don't want to read the whole post. Otherwise, keep reading for more details on how we created this super cute

1st Birthday Party!

Food Table

Most of the things we found at Target. The clear bowls and scoops and cups are from the dollar tree as well as the other platters. I just made labels on Canva that said Crunchy Coral for the cheese puffs, Sea Shells for the Veggie Chips, and Drift Wood for the Pretzels. I printed the labels on sticker printer paper and then cut them out and stuck them to the clear bowls. The surfer flags are from @threadmama_story she has new printables come out for every holiday and occasion I subscribe to her Patreon account ($5 per month) or you can pay to download them individually also. Here are the exact flags I used for this party.

Cake & Cupcake Fins

We made these wood fins with our Cricut and some balsa wood, if you have a Cricut machine you could totally do the same thing if not I found the EXACT same ones on Etsy! You can customize the size and quantity also which is great! The ones we made are 1.5"x1.4" size. We used 6 fins on the cake and then we had 20 cupcakes that we put them on also. So just order however many you need for if you're doing cakes, cupcakes, or both, whichever you decide! They have the exact size on Etsy and you would just order the amount you need, or you can mix the size up if you want also! We also had the cake and cupcakes made at our local Safeway! Super inexpensive and they turned out so cute!

Balloon Wave

The big show stopper was the balloon wave. It was sooo beautiful! Let me tell you though, it was no easy task. We do a ton of projects, and in my head I thought this would take no time at all, which I do with most things and of course that was not how it went. Definitely worth it and anyone could do this easily, it's just time consuming so definitely plan for a full day to get this baby done just incase. We waited until the last minute and then stayed up all night to finish it hahaha also the next day some of the balloons deflated on us so have some extra ready to go to fill in any bare spots incase that happens to you also.

We first started by getting insulation board, laying it down outside and tracing the shape of the wave that we wanted. Once that was finished, we cut out the wave and prepped it for attaching the balloons. We used this heavy duty tape and made loops to attach the balloons to the insulation board. Leaned it up against a wall and secured it with fishing line so that it didn't fall over by accident. I've linked everything we used to create this below! You can obviously choose any color of balloons if you want but we went with the different colors of blue.

Photo Banner

It was so hard to find a photo banner that I liked and that went with this theme, I finally found one on amazon that is just a natural brown. It turned out so good and matched perfectly! I just printed the photos off on photo paper on our computer and clued them down with a glue stick!

Photo Backdrop by the Pool

We rented marquee letters from @alphalitportland , they have them all over so check locally to you they might have a location near you! It was supposed to be a pool party, but it rained. We were going to have pool floats and we got him this cute little surfboard floaty that he loves to play with and swim on! The pictures turned out so cute even though

we didn't get to get into the pool this day.

We got the balloon garland from Amazon and it turned out sooo good!


We did a makeover on the Tiny Tikes Cozy Coupe Car HERE!

I'll have more on that later but here are some cute pics of it finished!

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