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We had so much fun creating this party and celebrating Parker's Second Birthday! He's been really into cars lately so we thought this Two Fast theme would be so much fun! I went to search for some inspo and wasn't really into the traditional red, black and white theme so I wasn't to create it with our aesthetic and more neutral colors! I love how it came out and I hope this gives you so good inspo on how to create this theme on your own!

Shop the Invitation, Welcome Sign, and Two Fast Banner, Cupcake Topper

Templates Below in our Etsy Shop!

Welcome Sign: This is our Welcome Sign Template HERE we got it printed at Staples. We used a frame and easel that we have had since our wedding, we use it for a welcome sign at every party we host, I have a similar frame and easel linked below!

Arch: The Arch is made with foam board and the paint color we painted it with is Riviera Beach. We then used permanent adhesive vinyl for the letters and the checker line. We cut out the vinyl and instead of adding transfer tape like normal we just peeled it straight off and added each letter by hand, we wanted to be sure the paint wouldn't come off of the foam board.

Two Fast Birthday Banner Printable Template Linked HERE!

Face & Name Prints: For the name banner and the cupcake toppers I created the images on Canva and printed them out on cardstock. I cut out the triangles and added a little extra on top to fold over and glue. I strung string through the openings on top of the triangles and attached to sticks. For the cupcakes I used this template HERE.

Checkerboard Cake: For the checkerboard print we used half of the white and added in equal parts of brown and yellow to the other half of the white to create the taupe color. Once they are separated and the color is how we wanted it, we rolled each color out using the fondant rolling pin. This helps to keep them all the same width. then we used these square cutters and started along the bottom added ever other white and taupe square and working out way up until the checker board pattern was how we wanted to be.

Drink Dispenser: We filled the drink dispenser up with lemonade and used the checker cups.

Water Bottle Labels: I first removed the original labels that com eon the bottles. Then I made the water bottle labels on Canva. Printed them out on regular paper, so they wrap around easier and glue them on.

Beverage Tub: We sprayed a sealant on this beverage tub so that ice wouldn't leak through it, since we were keeping it inside.

Shirts: I created the designs on the Cricut design app and made the shirts with the Cricut machine and heat press. The shirts and vinyl are from Michael's.

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